Russia’s ‘Sotnik’ Soldier Battle Armor May Feature Autonomous Electric Heater

Russia-owned tech corporation Rostec announced on Wednesday that its “Sotnik” next generation battle gear may be outfitted with autonomous electric heat systems, state-run news agency TASS reported.

Central Research Institute of Precision Machine-Building is behind the research and development of this bulletproof combat outfit, but Rostec remarked that the decision on which equipment to include in the military armor rests solely with the customer.

The Sotnik third-generation gear, which will reportedly be launched this year, is set to feature brand new weaponry and micro-drones connected to an “automatic tactical-level command and control system.” It also hopes to give field soldiers the ability to project images using their helmet visors and withstand high-powered bullets.

High Quality Defense

Rostec industrial director Bekkhan Ozdoev stated that Sotnik offers extensive defense capabilities “including the latest achievements of the Russian defense industry” such as “robotic equipment and integrated systems for exchanging information.”

Apart from the possible addition of the autonomous electric heater system, Sotnik is also capable of protecting soldiers against the .50 BMG bullet, which is designed to penetrate light-armored vehicles at a distance of up to two kilometers.

It will also be fashioned with an “active titanium exoskeleton with mini-electric motors” once the team selects an appropriate power source. But even with all these elements, the Russian gear is said to weigh only 20 kilograms (44 pounds) and will be constructed using “ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber.”

“The gear will not restrict movement and will allow you to take [on] the extra weight necessary to perform special missions,” Rostec said.


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