President-Elect Biden Announces Expansion of National Security Council

US President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris have announced three additional members of the National Security Council (NSC).

The announcement includes the restoration of the roles of Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Deputy National Security Advisor.

Further, Biden and Harris will add a new addition to the NSC in the form of Deputy National Security Advisor for Cyber and Emerging Technology.

“These dedicated public servants will be integral in keeping the American people safe and building capacity to prepare for and respond to the full spectrum of threats we face — from cyber intrusions to grid attacks, from possible future pandemics to deliberate acts of terror,” Biden said in a statement announcing the appointments.

New Cyber Security Post

Anne Neuberger, who currently serves as the National Security Agency’s (NSA) Director of Cybersecurity, has been appointed as advisor for cyber and emerging technology.

In her new role, Neuberger will lead NSA’s cybersecurity mission, including emerging technology areas such as quantum-resistant cryptography, the statement said.

Neuberger was reportedly instrumental in thwarting Russian plans to disrupt the 2018 midterm elections by pre-empting Kremlin hackers.

The specter of cyberattacks, particularly from Russia, has not diminished. This is illustrated by the recently unearthed cyber espionage campaign — believed to have links with Moscow — targeting US government institutions and corporations which supply them.

Other Appointees

Elizabeth D. Sherwood-Randall, a Distinguished Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology who has had the experience of working in the Obama and Clinton administrations, has been appointed as Homeland Security Advisor.

Russ Travers, a 42-year Intelligence Community professional who served in the NSC as a Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Transnational Threat Integration during the Obama administration, has been appointed as Deputy Homeland Security Advisor.

“This outstanding team of dedicated public servants will be ready to hit the ground running on day one to address the transnational challenges facing the American people — from threats at our borders to threats from violent domestic extremists to cyber and disaster preparedness,” Biden said. 

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