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US approves $63 million sale of Mk 54 torpedoes to India

The U.S. Department of State has approved a possible sale of 16 Mk 54 lightweight torpedoes to India, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency said.

The potential $63 million sale includes 16 Mk 54 All Up Round Lightweight Torpedoes (LWT), three Mk 54 Exercise Torpedoes, and related equipment, DSCA said in a Monday, April 13 release.

Raytheon Integrated Defense System is the principal contractor.

The Mark 54 Lightweight Hybrid Torpedo is a standard anti-submarine warfare torpedo developed by Raytheon and introduced in 2004. It combines the homing section of the Mk 50, and the warhead and propulsion of the Mk 46 improved for better performance in littoral waters.

The Mk 54 torpedo can be deployed from surface ships, helicopters or fixed wing aircraft and can track, classify and attack underwater targets. It uses sophisticated processing algorithms to distinguish false targets and countermeasures, from identified threats.

The torpedoes will improve India’s capability to conduct anti-submarine warfare missions and serve “as a deterrent to regional threats and to strengthen [India’s] homeland defense,” the DSCA said. India intends to use the Mk 54 torpedoes on its P-8I patrol aircraft.

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