Nigeria signs contract with Russia for 12 Mi-35 helicopter gunships

The government of Nigeria has signed a contract with Russia for the supply of 12 Mi-35 helicopter gunships, media reported on Wednesday, October 23.

“The contract has been signed – 12 helicopters, the contract is underway,” Anatoly Punchuk, Deputy Director of the Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation told RIA Novosti.

Nicknamed the “flying tank,” the Russian-designed Mil Mi-24V large attack helicopter is designated Mi-35 for export.

The news came as representatives from all 54 African states were in the southern Russian city of Sochi for the Russia-Africa summit.

CORRECTION: This story was edited on October 25 to change the purchasing country from Niger to Nigeria after RIA issued a correction.

India hands over final pair of Mi-35 helicopter gunships to Afghanistan

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