Suicide bombers target police in Tunis

Suicide bombers targeted police on Tunisia’s capital Tunis on Thursday, June 27, injuring civilians and police personnel.

The attacker struck near a police car on Rue Charles De Gaulle, around 150 m from the French Embassy, which is on Habib Bourguiba, the city’s main avenue, Mosaique FM reported.

Two police officers and three civilians were injured, interior ministry spokesperson Sofiane Zaag said.

“It was a suicide attack, which took place at 10:50 [a.m.],” Zaag told AFP.

One municipal police officer later died from his injuries, Mosaique FM reported.

A second explosion at the car park of the national guard in the El Gorjani area, about 2 km away, was also reported. According to Mosaique FM, the second bomber was on a bicycle and blew himself up when a vehicle exited.

At 11:00 am an individual blew himself up outside the back door” of the base, wounding four security personnel, Zaag told AFP.

Islamic State’s propaganda agency Amaq said Thursday that two ISIS fighters had carried out the attack.

On October 29 last year an unemployed graduate blew herself up near police cars on Habib Bourguiba, killing herself and injuring 26 people, mostly police officers. The interior minister later said she had pledged allegiance to ISIS.

The October attack was the first in the Tunisian capital since 2015.

With reporting from AFP


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