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Iraqi F-16s strike senior ISIS leaders in Syria

Iraqi warplanes struck senior Islamic State members meeting near Deir Ezzor in Syria after being given permission by Damascus to target the group, the Iraqi military said on Monday, December 31.

The military said it used F-16 fighter jets to target the meeting of “30 [ISIS] leaders” near the village al-Sousa in eastern Syria on Monday, Reuters reported.

The airstrikes destroyed the building, the military added.

Over the weekend, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad gave Iraqi forces permission to attack ISIS fighters inside Syria without prior authorization.

Iraqi Prime Minister Abdel-Mahdi has signaled future increased coordination with Damascus to target the remnants of ISIS.

Former Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared victory over ISIS in December last year but the group has continued to carry out insurgent-style attacks on both sides of the border.

Iraq military reinforces Syria border against ISIS

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