Ships from Germany and Norway join USS Truman in Virginia for training exercises

Naval ships from Germany and Norway recently arrived at Naval Station Norfolk for upcoming training exercises with the USS Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group, the U.S. Navy said.

The German Sachsen-class frigate Hessen and Royal Norwegian Navy frigate HNoMS Roald Amundsen are in Virginia for drills and operations, the Navy said in a Tuesday press release.

Nimitz-class aircraft carrier Truman is the flagship of Carrier Strike Group 8, homeported at Norfolk. The ship resumed sea trials in July after 10 months of maintenance at the shipyard and is currently preparing for its Composite Training Unit Exercise.

The Fridtjof Nansen-class guided-missile frigates are Norway’s main surface combatant ship, with five in active service. The Nansen-class frigate weighs 4,600 tons and has five decks and two superstructure. It features an AEGIS combat system and is designed for stability and maneuverability with a maximum transit speed of 27 knots. Roald Amundsen was commissioned in 2007.

FGS Hessen was commissioned in 2006 and is one of three currently active Sachsen-class frigates. The Sachsen’s was designed to allow additional weapons and sensor installations and its advanced anti-air warfare system is built on the APAR and SMART-L radars. Along with other weapons, it features an OTO Melara Compatto 3-inch (76.2mm) fully automatic gun that can hit both air and surface targets at a distance of 12 km and 16 km.

“We are looking forward to a challenging and exciting training with the U.S. Navy,” said Hessen’s commanding officer, German navy Cmdr. Oliver Pfennig. “The integration of German warship Hessen in the carrier strike group requires a lot of trust in our capabilities and we will perform professionally and competently in all upcoming CSG operations.”

Hessen will later join the Truman strike group on deployment in the Mediterranean.

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