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US airstrikes kill 3 ‘key’ al-Qaeda leaders in Yemen – Pentagon

Recent U.S. airstrikes in Yemen killed three al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula leaders in Yemen, the Department of Defense said in a press release on Wednesday.

A December 15 airstrike in al-Bayda governorate killed Miqdad al Sana’ani, identified as an external operations facilitator.

On December 19, Habib al-Sana’ani, an AQAP arms facilitator with ties to senior leaders was killed in an airstrike in Marib governorate. The Pentagon said he was responsible for “facilitating the movement of weapons, explosives and finances into northern Marib and al-Bayda governorates.”

Abu Umar al-Sana’ani, a member of AQAP’s Dawah, or outreach, committee, was killed in a November 20 airstrike in al-Bayda.

Last month the Pentagon said identified other AQAP leaders, Mujahid al-Adani and Abu Layth al-Sanaani, killed in the November 20 strike along with three other AQAP members.

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