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Coalition strikes destroy car bomb factory near Hawija – CJTF-OIR

U.S.-led Coalition strikes in Iraq destroyed an Islamic State vehicle imposed explosive device, or car bomb, factory near the city of Hawija on Sunday, Operation Inherent Resolve said in a press release.

“Near Huwijah, one strike engaged an ISIS tactical unit and destroyed two weapons caches, two command and control nodes, a VBIED facility, a VBIED; and suppressed a tactical unit,” the release said on Monday.

  • Near Abu Kamal, two strikes destroyed two ISIS well heads and a fighting position.
  • Near Dayr Az Zawr [Deir Ezzor], three strikes engaged an ISIS tactical unit and destroyed two headquarters.
  • Near Raqqah, 20 strikes engaged two ISIS tactical units and destroyed 16 fighting positions, 11 vehicles; and disrupted two supply routes.

The U.S.-led Coalition of more than 70 members has been conducting airstrikes, ground-based and rocket-propelled artillery fire against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq since 2014. The daily Coalition reports do not include the nation that conducted each one, the number or type of aircraft used, or the number of munitions dropped in each strike.

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